Murray Abbott, President of Chem-Mod LLC
Dr. Abbott is President of Chem-Mod LLC, owner of The Chem-Mod™ Solution technology. Dr. Abbott has directed technical support services for Chem-Mod since 2012. Dr. Abbott is an accomplished leader with over forty years of industrial and academic research and development experience. Dr. Abbott has considerable practical experience troubleshooting operations and emissions issues as they are impacted by fuel quality and power plant configuration and practices. Prior to joining Chem-Mod, Dr. Abbott was responsible for business development and projects management for a start-up consulting firm, and combustion research & development and technical marketing support for a major coal supplier. Dr. Abbott began his professional career conducting research in fuels characterization for commercial boiler design and application for a major boiler OEM.

Dr. Abbott graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from The Principia College, as well as Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Fuel Science from The Pennsylvania State University.

Sally Batanian, President of Gallagher Clean Energy, LLC
Mrs. Batanian is President of Gallagher Clean Energy, LLC, (GCE), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Arthur J. Gallagher & Co., an insurance services firm. Gallagher is an investor in Chem-Mod, LLC.

With more than 20 years experience in environmental services and clean-energy development, Mrs. Batanian is responsible for taking The Chem-Mod™ Solution from the lab to full-scale production at U.S. coal-fired power plants. Mrs. Batanian has worked closely with utilities to introduce new fuel additives to maximize environmental benefits while minimizing negative impacts on coal-fired power plant production.  In projects through 2007 and prior to the implementation of The Chem-Mod™ Solution, Mrs. Batanian was involved in the production of over 45 million tons of synthetic or refined coal, which included additives to reduce nitrous oxides emissions. These developments ultimately led to Gallagher's involvement in The Chem-Mod™ Solution.

Mrs. Batanian has directed research activities, introduced the product to numerous utilities, negotiated utility contracts and supervised all aspects of the commercialization efforts. 

Mrs. Batanian graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of Illinois in 1983 and was given the distinction of Bronze Tablet.  Mrs. Batanian earned her Masters of Science in Taxation from DePaul University and is a certified public accountant.

Doug Comrie, Founder of Chem-Mod, LLC
Mr. Comrie is the Founder of Chem-Mod, LLC and is Principal Inventor of The Chem-Mod™ Solution. Presently, Mr. Comrie is Vice President of Catawba Resources, MesaTech Inc. and C-Quest Technologies LLC.

As Principal Technology Developer, Mr. Comrie presently holds six patents for sulfur, NOx, mercury, chloride, fluoride and heavy metal control technologies in the utility industry and presently also 12 U.S., five Canadian and 15 foreign patents pending for the same family of applications. During his career, Mr. Comrie has held positions with government and industry.  Notably, as Scientific Advisor to the Atomic Energy Control Board in Canada, Mr. Comrie was involved in development of guidelines for the establishment of low-, intermediate- and high-level radioactive waste management facilities.

While with Kilborn Engineering, Toronto Canada, Mr. Comrie was Project Manager for a wide range of waste management systems designs and construction.  This also included geotechnical, geochemical and hydrogeology assessments of various facilities, including Niagara Frontier Chemical facilities such as Hooker Chemical Facilities on behalf of the Ontario government.

As Vice President of Krystal Bond Inc., a once publicly traded company in Toronto, Canada, Mr. Comrie was the developer of technology used by the company in commercializing its coal modification technology and its coal and steel waste recycling technologies.

Mr. Comrie presently holds eight additional patents pending in the carbon sequestration field as well as three issued geopolymer cement patents in the U.S. and three held internationally.

Mr. Comrie completed the mining engineering program at Northern College in Canada and attended post graduate studies at Michigan Tech University in the same field.